Thread Count

Thread Count


I just finished savoring the collection of poems by Terri Kirby Erickson and I can enthusiastically say that Thread Count will be in my personal library as an all time favorite! I have ordered several copies because those who pick this intriguing collection of poems up from my coffee table refuse to put it back down. This is a book to be savored slowly as the author skillfully weaves a brilliant tapestry of reflection, insight, humor and the vibrancy of her words. I am not an avid fan of most modern poetry because of the sharp, vulgar disconnection and condescension, but the author of this collection transported me back to my childhood in her warm, poignant title piece. She has also managed to excite the mind and soul with many other delicious poems. I will be giving copies of this collection to all of my friends and colleagues because not only is her work beautiful, it is relevant and stunning in its authenticity and accessibility. I think everyone will be able to relate and enjoy this collection and at least one of her poems will resonate so deeply that you will be transfixed by the words on the paper. She paints vivid images for her readers who will readily understand her perspective and she draws you in with warmth and acceptance. You can run your fingers over the words and feel the fabric of the poetry like raw silk. Reading this book of poetry is like a walk through a Thailand silk market-exotic color, delight and creativity are everywhere. Do your soul a favor and purchase a copy-it is a stunningly beautiful experience!

Susan Kay, Columbus, OH

Reading Thread Count was a magnificent experience. I found myself drifting back to my childhood and musing over times I myself experienced the same feelings but lacked the wherewithal to give those experiences poetic expressions such as Terri Erickson has done. Thread Count evokes feelings ranging from exhilaration to profound understanding of loss whether it be loss of a person we are close to or simply loss of ones own health status. Other poems in the book have the ability to propel you into a totally different world in another country. I often found myself with misty eyes and at other times laughed out loud at the vivid imagery reading this poetry brought to mind. I would highly recommend reading this book and gifting it to those you care about.

Fran Kiger, Winston-Salem, NC

Terri Erickson has captured the very soul of life in this book of poetry. As you read the pages your heart will pound, tears will swell in your eyes, and your mind will reflect on the truth and passion of the experience which you probably have had…. written in those pages. But most of all your soul will embace the book and life again as you realize that many of the emotions of life are written in this amazing book of poems that she has written over a lifetime. This is a book that all should have and read…over and over. It will bring peace and understanding to your soul. Many of us have lost sight of the art of words and poetry. It is here in this book that you will find some of the most beautiful writing available.

Mark Houston MD, Nashville, TN

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